How to Extend Jio Happy New Year Offer | Free Jio Prime – Giveaway

How to Extend Jio Happy New Year Offer | Free Jio Prime – Giveaway
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Hey CID readers, Happy Holi to all of you. I hope you guys are enjoying our previously posted deals. Today we are sharing some info on How to Extend Jio Happy New Year, Prime Membership, Comparison Plans and Giveaway.

From 31st March 2017, Jio services will not be available for free anymore. All users must upgrade to Jio Prime by paying 99 to enjoy exclusive offers and data plans. For non prime users, data plans will cost more, no exclusive offers will be available to them. Get all the info about this below:

Thanks For Your Love and Support, this Giveaway is Ended Now!!

How to Get Free Jio Prime Membership / Extend Jio Happy New Year Offer ? [Giveaway]

First of all you have to recharge for Jio Prime to get few benefits Happy New Year offer till March 2018 but additional data pack recharge is required

To Get free Jio Prime Membership, you have to complete below given 2 steps

#Step1. You have to fill the below given form and click “Subscribe”. If you are viewing this website in amp version or below given form is not displayed to you then simply open https://crazyindiandeals.com on your device and open this post to fill the form

Subscribe to Get Jio Prime Membership for Free

* indicates required

#Step2. After completing the 1st step, you have to click this >> << button and like our Facebook Page

That’s all! You are in our Jio Prime giveaway. After completing 2 simple steps, wait till 21st. We will be announcing winners on 21st March 2017. Winners will be selected randomly from our subscribers list.

Terms and Conditions:

  • One registration per user, no fake or multiple accounts.
  • You must subscribe via given form and like our facebook page to get into Giveaway.
  • Provide your jio phone number in the subscribe form.
  • Winners will be contacted via email for activation of jio prime on their jio number.

Winners Announced on 12th March
1st Winner Announced: Yash from Surat | CID wishes him a great and safe Holi!

2nd Winner Announced: Raghu from Mumbai | CID wishes him a great and safe Holi!

Winners Announced on 17th March
3rd Winner Announced: Ansh from Amritsar | CID congrats him for getting Free Jio Prime

We are extending this giveaway till 21st March and will announce more winners soon! After completing all the steps, you can request for giveaway to our whatsapp number: 7986020805

Data Plans for Jio Prime Members

Jio 4G Plans [Prime]Data LimitValidity
₹19200 MB1 Day
₹49600 MB3 Days
₹1492 GB28 Days
₹30328 GB28 Days
₹49956 GB28 Days
₹99960 GB60 Days
₹1998125 GB90 Days
₹4999350 GB180 Days
₹9999750 GB360 Days

These plans are only available to those jio 4g users who will recharge with 99 before 31st March 2017 for Jio Prime Membership.

Data Plans for Non Jio Prime Members

Jio 4G Plans [Non Prime]Data LimitValidity
₹19100 MB1 Day
₹49300 MB3 Days
₹1491 GB30 Days
₹3032.5 GB30 Days
₹4995 GB30 Days
₹99912.5 GB30 Days
₹199830 GB30 Days
₹4999100 GB30 Days
₹9999200 GB30 Days

These plans are for those jio users who will not recharge with 99 before 31st March 2017 for Jio Prime.

How to Activate Jio Prime Membership ?

  • If you don’t want to wait for our giveaway or for any other reason, want to upgrade to jio prime then follow below given steps.
  • Firstly, update my jio app from PlayStore or AppStore
  • Now, open my jio app and let it fully load
  • Click on OPEN button as shown in above screenshot
  • Now, click on Recharge and here you will see a new option to recharge with 99 for Jio Prime
  • Click on jio prime offer and proceed by filling all the details to make a transaction of 99

What Benefits Jio Prime Members will Get ?

Jio Prime members will be able to access all prime data plans until March 2018. Additionally Jio Prime users will enjoy all premium apps and upcoming data plans + offers exclusively throughout this 1 Year of Jio Prime. New apps and exclusive jio in-app content will soon be available. So, its worth activating jio prime membership.

Our Recommendation: We highly recommend all jio users to get this jio prime membership before 31st March 2017 to keep enjoying unlimited benefits of jio. As reportedly earlier, jio 4g speed may improve within next few months. 99 is worth paying for 1 Year jio prime benefits.

Jio Prime FAQ
Jio Prime not working | MyJio App not working | Can’t See Jio Prime Offer | Not able to Recharge for Jio Prime
If you are facing above mentioned issues then update your MyJio App and retry after sometime. Some errors and problems are due to heavy traffic on jio server. You can also try enabling your location services, if it helps, especially in iOS devices.

Alternative methods are, ask your friend to do a jio prime recharge. You can also recharge for jio prime plans and membership by visiting jio.com website or nearest local Reliance Digital Store.

Stay connected for more updates.


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