How to Earn Daily 1000 Rupees without Investment | Less Work, More Money

How to Earn Daily 1000 Rupees without Investment | Less Work, More Money
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Hi CID Readers, today I am here to help you guys to earn at least Rs.1000 without investment. Invest your little time everyday and get the results. You must follow the below steps and guide + important trick to earn good amounts.

We will discuss about The Panel Station company which pays you for completing surveys and if you are already registered, you still must give the below method a try to increase your earnings.

It is advised to consider this work as secondary or part time, we are not responsible for The Panel Station services and payments.

How to Register for The Panel Station ? (Trick Included)

  • Firstly, click here >>  Click Me << for registration page (Click Me button contains Special Link) and follow the below guide to fill the fields
  • Fill your correct name and email, email will be verified later to complete registration
  • Choose “Female in gender (Important part of Trick)
  • Select Date of Birth year between 1990 to 1995 (Important)
  • Now choose your city and complete the rest of the form. At last, hit Start Earning!
  • You have verify your email, if not yet received then wait for at least 10 mins and check spam or junk.
  • That’s all, you will now start receiving surveys and complete those to earn rewards.

How to Earn Daily 1000 Rupees without Investment ?

Before you get deep into this, you must know that you have to use this service and follow guide carefully to avoid termination of your account. Firstly, store all the details you filled while registration. You can use notes app or text files to store. On your smartphone, download 12-13 web-browsing apps and create or login with email ids in each browser and start registration process again each browser.

You will get around 3-4 surveys each day and earn around 200-1000 points for each survey and on average around 400 points each survey. 1000 points = Rs.100 So, by completing at least 2 surveys every day with each email id in each browser you will be able to complete total of around 20-24 surveys each day and earn Rs.1000 or more. It is highly recommended to change ip address every time you switch to another browser.

How to Redeem Points to Real Money ?

Once you reach 3000 points, login in your tps account on the website. You will be able to redeem Rs.300 as Flipkart and Amazon vouchers but if you want money in your Bank Account then simply redeem it as Paytm cash and transfer it to bank account via Paytm later. It can take upto 60 days to receive amount, I received it after 45 days. So, just redeem it and keep earning more.

Good Luck for your Earnings!

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