FlipBot – Flipkart Game | Answers | Loot | Win upto Rs.50,000 in Flpkart Gift Vouchers

FlipBot – Flipkart Game | Answers | Loot | Win upto Rs.50,000 in Flpkart Gift Vouchers
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Flipkart is conducting a game silently via Facebook Messenger and letting its participants win upto 50,000 in eGift Vouchers to buy products on Flipkart with these vouchers. You just have to answer the questions and keep playing till it says:

“That’s a wrap! 🎊 That was so much fun, wasn’t it? I guess you are a fashion expert now. 🏆😎So it’s time to shop till your drop! 😍 Head over to Flipkart Fashion NOW!”

I will guide you on how to play this game and win gift vouchers successfully but first lets take a look on its rules:

FlipBot Game Rules:

  • All Questions will be asked related to Fashion.
  • You have to “Keep Playing” to score higher.
  • Top 25 from Boys and Top 25 from Girls (Total of 50) will be selected as winners.
  • Don’t try to cheat by any means.
  • Play again and again to make your score better and rank higher.
  • Flipbot Leaderboard Results are slow in update, so wait for at least 48hrs to get your name on Leaderboard of you scored better than existing top 25 boys or girls.
  • After playing, share it with your friends or challenge them to increase your chances of winning more eGVs!

How to Play FlipBot Game ?

Firstly, I want to recommend that you read all the below given steps before playing!

You have to click here >> FlipBot Direct Link

Now, Facebook Messenger will open and you can either login or if you are already logged in, click on Let’s Play button

You have to select Men’s or Women’s as a category of questions. All the questions will be realated to mens fashion if you choose Men’s and womens fashion related if you select Women’s.

On every question, you will either be given options or fill in the blanks to write complete phrase or word.

That’s all! Start Playing and Win Huge!

FlipBot Game Answers:

We always love to cheat or apply tricks to win free stuff online but in this game we have a full proof plan to win for you guys. Just follow the below guide:

You will be given bunch of options or fill in the blanks but you have one way to get answer, just click on “Check with Flipkart“. This will give you a hint which is probably an answer of that question. If you got options, scroll your options and find check with flipkart button.

If you still want answers here they are:

Men's QuestionsAnswers
Yes It's Trendy
Women's QuestionsAnswers
Yes It's Trendy

Special/Bonus Tip: Play as a boy first and then as a girl. Afterwards play again with correct answers as fast as you can.
I hope you guys will love this game, just like me and play it crazily! You just have to follow all the above steps and guide. I hope you will be soon in top 25 boys or girls Leaderboard list.

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